Meet Our Colleagues

We have a wide range of programmes that offer you fantastic opportunities to kick start you career, in a business that offers you a career path for life.

This page gives you the opportunity to hear from some of our fantastic colleagues and find out more about what our programmes can offer you!

Summer Internships
School Leavers & Apprenticeships

"The beauty of a rotational scheme is that it offers you the opportunity to try your hand at roles you wouldn’t normally select for yourself."

Hannah Crook,

Graduate Online

"The prospects are really promising. After being on the scheme for 2 years, I will have a qualification and also the best experience."

Shannon Procter,

Apprenticeship Scheme – F&F

"The Business Support office is essentially the backbone of Tesco Stores. We find the best time, places and ways of putting a range of projects into stores."

Holly Oxborrow,

Intern Business Support

"I would advise anyone applying to familiarise themselves with Tesco in the news but also to visit a few stores and get their own feel for the Tesco brand."

Imogen Daynes,

Graduate Customer Analysis

"With my scheme I found the pay was competitive and the benefits were great."

Robb Lockwood,

Technology Apprentice

"I was made to feel comfortable and at ease whilst at the recruitment assessment centre."

Phoebe Willimott,

Commercial Placement

"There are lots of opportunities to get to know the other members of the cohort and it’s always a joy to learn about their roles."

Jonathan Tatton,

Graduate Procurement

"I feel like my team can approach me with any problem they have and they trust me to deliver what they need."

Jess Pyle,

Retail School Leaver

"Over the past 5 weeks, I have been integrating myself into the commercial finance team, and have been made to feel exceedingly welcome by my colleagues."

Ryan Purvis,

Intern Finance

"I really love my team – we all get on well and there’s a lot of laughter in the office!"

Beth Noble,

Graduate Strategy & Operations

"On the Technology Apprenticeship there is loads to do, and you have the full support of your colleagues."

Neekul Patel,

Technology Apprentice

"It’s so fast paced and there’s always something new going on. Since starting I’ve spent a few days going to see suppliers, with a trip to Grimsby and a trip to Germany in a few weeks to see a chicken farm."

Fraser Doig,

Intern Food

"Be open to whatever comes your way. Retail is so fast paced that you will always face change and challenges."

Maya Das,

Graduate F&F

"When I joined I found that everyone was just like me, and was made to feel welcome."

Ami Harmer,

Commercial School Leaver

"The diversity of what my team do on a day to day basis has been fascinating, as well as the scope they have to take the Tesco business worldwide."

Lizzie Verrill,

Food Intern

"Tesco is a really fun company to work for. What you can’t underestimate is how big it is and how much we do."

Olivia Fox,

Graduate Marketing

"What I love most about F&F, is it takes the latest looks from the cat-walks straight into our stores at affordable prices."

Sophie Cockrill,

F&F Apprentice

"Getting involved with a project which has a real impact on the business has been really rewarding so far, and it’s been great meeting everyone in the team whilst bombarding them with questions."

Ian Shevlin,

Customer Analysis Intern

"With a mixture of the operational reporting tasks, the development projects and the general queries that I work on, the days really fly by."

Thomas Church,

Graduate Supply Chain

"I have a Buddy, who was on the scheme the year before me. He is able to give me advice based on his experiences."

Robb Lockwood,

Technology Apprentice